Get ready to ride the waves of laughter and embrace our unfiltered, raunchy sense of humor that perfectly complements our vibrant surfing lifestyle. Our shirts are designed to say the shit we all are thinking ... Join us in celebrating the fusion of irreverent comedy and the thrill of catching the perfect wave, as we bring the best of both worlds to your wardrobe.

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People Surfing on Sea Waves during Sunset

Dirty Mouth and clean beaches

Volunteering to clean up beaches is of utmost importance to us, due to the detrimental impact pollution has on the environment, especially in relation to surfing. Pollution, such as plastic waste and chemical contaminants, not only harms marine life but also poses significant risks to surfers, affecting water quality and overall surf conditions. By actively participating in beach cleanups, we can help protect our oceans, preserve the beauty of surfing spots, and ensure a healthier environment for both nature and surfers to thrive.

A portion of T-Shirt and product sales goes directly to local Floridians to help beach clean up!

Woman in White Tank Top Holding White Surfboard on Beach